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Blick auf die Festung

Guided City Walking Tours in  Salzburg

Guided Tours of the Town:

with funny anecdotes as well as with exciting details and such worth knowing. We, I, H, A, S, 4 experienced tourist-guides in Salzburg, are
looking forward to guiding you through Salzburg quite according to your wishes.

Guided Tours for students of all ages !

Guided Tours for Students in the City of Salzburg

We offer you guided city tours for students presented in an exciting way. There is much to discover, and a quiz makes this discovering journey an exciting adventure, not only for children and youngsters. Of course we visit the fortress as well. Begun in the Middle Ages and continually enlarged, the fortress became a bastion that could not be conquered.


Blick auf die Festung

1oo years of the Salzburg Music Festival

In the summer of 1920 „Everyman“ was performed on Cathedral Square for the first time. Many years had elapsed until Max Reinhard, a specialist, finally took the reins and realized this piece with Hugo von Hoffmannsthal on the stage.

In principle only planned as a provisional solution, one can hardly imagine Salzburg today without „the dying of the rich man“.  Immerse with us in the world of theatre, of music, but also of glamour.

Many stories and anecdotes which have taken  place in these 100 years, are waiting to be told.